What. The. Fuck.

So I received this message the other day on OkCupid…

I love bimbos. I wish I could be one myself, but that wouldn’t work since I’m male. I’d just be yet another transsexual freak who isn’t sexy or pretty but just disgusting. I can’t imagine any amount of female hormones or surgery would turn me into a hot bimbo airhead. Also, I wouldn’t dare to go through with that unless I had finances secured for life, and somebody really pushed me into it. 

Still, I’d love to talk to a bimbo. Maybe you aren’t one, but you might want to become one, or have fantasies about it? I’d love to train you over Skype. Or maybe you could bimboify me. I love the way they talk (valley girls). Like, whatever and stuff. 

Do you have similar thoughts of wanting to become a bimbo, or to bimboify others? Or maybe you already consider yourself to be one? I’d really love to chat with you if any of this sounds even remotely interesting to you. I have lots of fantasies, mostly involving humiliation in one form or another.”

My stream of consciousness after reading this:

What.the.fuck. Bimbiofy isn’t a word. Wow, you’re entitled. Humiliation arouses people? NEVER say ‘transsexual freak’ again. Why would I want to be a bimbo? Why would you want to be a bimbo? What is a bimbo? What other sorts of fantasies does this man have? Is this what people use Skype for? 

I have this habit of saying the phrase “now this is the weirdest message I’ve received.” I think I need to stop saying this. I’m jinxing myself. Just when I have restored my hope in humanity, I receive a message like this and am thrown in a cycle of  hopelessness, concern, and despair. (Granted this lasts all of 5 minutes, but still!)

After reading this message, I found myself wanting to know what sort of person would respond to this man in a positive way? Why yes! I would love for you to demean and belittle me! That sounds like a lovely way to spend my Wednesday afternoon. Let me cancel my lunch plans.

I guess I’m just not into BDSM. Who knew?


Keep it weird folks.



About Jess

It's about time we became comfortable with the uncomfortable.
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